How to Seize End-of-Year-Power

End of year conversations carry unique weight. Why not stoke some fires?

A forward-facing conversation with you transforms attitudes.

A good word from you energizes effort.


A leader recently told me how much easier work is since a chronic complainer left the team. Even chronic complainers  – who feel powerless – have more power than they think.

Disapproval from you rides home with team members like baggage in the trunk. Negative words land heavily on others.

What if neglect from you makes success less likely?

What if an affirmation from you makes success more likely?

Nurture, don’t extinguish:

You don’t expect others to constantly pat you on the back. You put your head down and get the job done. Maybe that’s why you neglect the flame in others.

What if you have the power to ignite and fuel fires? You do!

Honor your position by showing a caring heart, giving a listening ear, and turning everyone’s focus toward the future.

Conversation-time with you is disproportionately important to others.

5 ways to seize end-of-year-power:

Sprinkle end of year conversations with reminders that:

  1. Power and authority is shared.
  2. Improvements make a difference.
  3. The playing field is wide, even if there are boundaries.
  4. Hard work matters.
  5. You notice.

Bonus: Choose to build on successes when moving into the new year. The question is, “How do we get to the next level?”

Let go of failure. Press toward progress.

End of year power:

New Years is like every other day of the year, except we’ve made it something special. This time of year feels like an ending and a beginning.

You only have a few days to seize this unique opportunity.

How might leaders maximize end of year conversations?