Four Books that Recently Arrived on my Doorstep

Here is a sampling of books that recently arrived on my doorstep.

The Long-Distance Leader

This book is for everyone who leads remote teams.

The principles of leadership don’t change as people disperse. But the nuances of leading a remote team are important and if you don’t consider those changes, results will be reduced and stress – for everyone involved – will grow.

If you’re leading remote teams, read this book.

My Facebook Live conversation with Kevin Eikenberry discussing The Long-Distance Leader.

Order here.

Leading Matters

I’m just finishing the uncorrected proof.

The author, John Hennessy, is current Chairman of Alphabet (Google’s parent company), former President of Stanford University. John shares the leadership skills that helped him become a successful tech entrepreneur, academic leader, and successful administrator.

The book is a collection of stories from John’s life that illustrate key leadership competencies.

I give this book two thumbs up for starting off with a chapter on humility.

Pre-order here.

Never Stop Learning

I’m just starting Never Stop Learning.

Behavioral scientist Bradley R. Staats describes the principles and practices that comprise dynamic learning and outlines a framework that helps you become more effective as a lifelong learner. Topics include:

  • Valuing failure
  • Focusing on process, not outcome, and on questions, not answers
  • Making time for reflection
  • Learning to be true to yourself by playing to your strengths
  • Pairing specialization with variety
  • Treating others as learning partners

Pre-order here.

Great Place to Work for All

Michael C. Bush CEO of Great Place to Work along with the GPTW Research Team share stories and research that demonstrates how great places to work benefit individuals while building organizations that outperform competitors in the stock market. This book is a call for leaders and organizations to develop human potential and high performance organizations.

I’m currently setting up an interview/Facebook Live conversation with Michael.

Order here.

What are you currently reading?