How to Find Power when you Feel Weak

I casually asked my wife, “Isn’t it surprising how long this toothpaste is lasting?”

We laughed for two days when I finally confessed that I had been adding toothpaste to the old tube for two weeks.

I rub the tube along the edge of the sink to get all the toothpaste out.

You don’t know what you have until you use what you’ve got.

You aren’t superman or super girl. You can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound. But you have more in you than you think.

4 principles of power:

#1. You feel weak before you find strength.

The experience of finding new strength happens when you add a few pounds of weight to your workout. It makes you feel weak.

Don’t use feeling weak as a reason to stop trying.

#2. Pride is the reason weakness continues.

Humility acknowledges weakness and seeks help. Pride prolongs weakness by hiding weakness.

#3. Seek help when you test limits.

Support is the context of gaining strength. It’s dangerous and foolhardy to go-it-alone when you’re testing your limits and developing new skills.

#4. You gain power when you need power.

If you wait to feel powerful before you step out, you’re stuck on the couch.

It might be frustrating, but uncertainty comes before certainty. Push through feelings of weakness or you’ve already reached your potential.

How might leaders test their limits and develop strength?

How might leaders develop the ability to step into uncertainty?