My One Word of Advice – v1.1

I asked leaders, “What advice would you give someone based on the behaviors that have helped you get where you are today?

Be as specific as possible.

Translate “not” statements into positive behaviors. Find a positive way to say, “Don’t be lazy,” for example.

One word of advice – in some cases a few words more than one:

“Seek input and take new actions to become a better version of YOU every day.” CEO in Environmental Consulting

“Loving and wanting the best for people is the key to their growth and yours.” Bob Hancox Executive Coach

“Be curious about others but true to yourself.” National GIS Coordinator, Ducks Unlimited. He added, “If I could do it all over again, I would work towards living according to the mantra: Time equals love.” From No Word for Time.

“Connect.” Henry Mintzberg

“I’d tell them not to do things half-assed.” Project Manager

“Son, whatever you choose to do, do it with 100% integrity and 100% effort.” Zig Ziglar (Tom Ziglar on the best advice he ever received.)

“Ask more questions, be open to the idea that they could be wrong, and strive for excellence while accepting imperfect progress.” Dan Rockwell

“Always apply your best leadership towards people, listen carefully to what people have to say, be determined to succeed even if failure appears every so often, continue the development of yourself and show interest in the development of others.” Richard Nentwich Director Hotel Operations Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

“Connect with people and show up to serve. Stop thinking so much about what’s happening to you.” V.P. and CIO

Which of the above word’s of advice are most meaningful to you?

If you could say one thing to help someone reach a little higher and get a little further, what would you say? Base your response on the behaviors that have helped you get where you are today, not theory.

Note: I’m posting on this topic again next week.