My Favorite Word of Advice – v2.1

“Practice operating from the place that you are the cause in the matter of everything in your life.  Then go ask your team; ‘What’s it like being on the other side of me?’” Kevin Hickey, COO All4 Inc

“Be a leader who creates an environment that yields stories, from your employees and your customers, that you would to be proud to hear at the dinner table. At the end of the day, we are the stories that others tell about us.” COO, regional healthcare system

“Bench strength. Learn how to develop leaders at every level.” VP of Marketing, Mobiloil Credit Union

“Set a respectful and constructive tone when engaging people on difficult issues or tough problems.  For example, lead into challenging questions with, “Please help me understand what you are saying…” or, “Please help me see it your way…”  Sometimes you find out your initial perspective was wrong; not that this ever happens to me. (smile) Nick Wiley, Chief Conservation Officer Ducks Unlimited

“Be Yourself.” Jim Parker, former CEO Southwest Airlines

“I find myself telling those that have difficulty communicating with others, ‘It’s not about you changing the way you communicate, it is about you understanding and respecting the way others communicate.” CEO, nonprofit sector

“Being right matters less than you think. Know that you need others.” CIO

“Develop the habit of sending handwritten notes.  I can trace lifelong friendships and millions of dollars that started with a handwritten note.”  Founder, Gossamer Gear and part-time dishwasher, Sparrow Bakery

“Figure out what the boss doesn’t yet know she needs and give it to her. In addition, be graceful when you lose. Your true character shows more when you don’t get the promotion than when you do.” Division Director, Social Security Association

If you could say one thing to help someone reach a little higher and get a little further, what would you say? Base your response on the behaviors that have helped you get where you are today, not theory.