How to Become a Wise Sage

A wise sage has failed enough to be humble and succeeded enough to inspire confidence.

The birth of a wise sage:

You become a wise sage in the dark. There is no sagacity in easy wins. Success is a platform that’s built on courage, struggle, failure, and success. You move toward sagaciousness when you:

  1. Stand for principle when tempted to compromise.
  2. Confront arrogance and practice humility.
  3. Try, fail, own it, and learn. Finger-pointers never learn and grow.

A wise sage courageously exposes struggle, but fools hide the struggle and snarl like lapdogs.

Explain the pain of failure with personal language. Avoid generalities. Painful struggle makes you inviting and trustworthy.

Pain teaches empathy and openness – if you have the humility and courage to listen.

You cannot close your heart and be a wise sage.

A wise sage looks for growth in others not sympathy for herself. The reason to explain the lessons from pain include:

  1. Connection.
  2. Humility.
  3. Honesty.
  4. Encouragement.

You’re an encouragement to others when they realize you found success on the other side of failure. Maybe they can too.

There’s more to becoming a wise sage than moving through darkness to light, but this is a beginning.

What have you learned in the dark?

How might a leader become a wise sage?