Stop Walking Around Like a Sack of Stink

“Just do it” is the path to fatigue, disrespect, and defeat. Grit needs heart to endure.

Obsession to get things done causes self-defeating behaviors. Yes, be obsessed over great results, but obsess over people as well.

PEOPLE get things done.


Heart, spirit, and belief fuel progress. Of course, you need efficient processes and systems. But do you really believe negative leaders can produce extraordinary results over the long-term?

  • Can a leader who doesn’t believe in their team produce wins?
  • If you focus on the weaknesses of others, can you inspire them to reach higher?
  • Do you believe great success is achieved by complainers? (Yes, pointing out mistakes is part of improvement. But spend more time on the improvement and less on the pointing out.)
  • Do you believe that people with defeated spirits achieve great results?


Tell people you noticed their effort and achievements this week if you’d like them to show up with energy next week.

Let people know their work matters today if you’d like their commitment tomorrow.

Did someone come in early? Would you like them to do that again? Then honor their energy and commitment by noticing it.

How to notice in four sentences:

“I noticed you were in early all week. I respect your commitment. Keep up the great work. Let me know if I can be helpful.”


Great success is a matter of heart.

If you want great performance, lift the spirits of your team.

Infuse people with energy. Any fool can beat people down.

Are your standards so high that celebrating progress is out of the question? Don’t be a sack of stink everywhere you go.

Tip: Find something to like about everyone on your team.

How do leaders drain energy out of people?

How might leaders fuel energy?