What Shape is Your Leadership – A Team Activity

What shape is your leadership? This isn’t about being physically thin or round.

What shape is most appealing to you? (Pick a shape you prefer before you read further.)

Yesterday I gave a keynote for the Ohio Dept. of Education (ODE). In the afternoon, Joe Petrarca, a leader in the ODE, gave a presentation on shapes and personality.

It seems that the shape you prefer reflects your personality. Maybe it’s hocus pocus, but it’s a fun interaction that your team can use for conversation and reflection.

I prefer the triangle and the squiggle. If I had to choose, I’d choose the squiggle. Squares bug me.

Team interaction:

  1. Choose your preferred shape and share it with your teammates.
  2. Hand out the document provided by Preceptor.
  3. Discuss strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.
  4. How might you/others best leverage your/their shape?

If you prefer squares, it’s likely you are:

  • Organized.
  • Detailed.
  • Persevering.
  • Perfectionist.

If your leader is a square:

  • Do your job.
  • Meet all deadlines.
  • Pay attention to details.
  • Be to work on time.

If you prefer circles, it’s likely you are:

  • Relationship oriented.
  • Team oriented.
  • Reflective.
  • Tactful.

If your leader is a circle:

  • Be prepared to stop what you are doing and chat.
  • Expect lots of meetings.
  • Do not lie.

If you prefer triangles, it’s likely you are:

  • Task-oriented.
  • Able to do well under pressure.
  • Competitive.
  • Decisive.

If your leader is a triangle:

  • Do the “little things”.
  • Don’t “badmouth” a team.
  • Make all communication direct and succinct.

If you’re a rectangle, it’s likely you are:

  • Curious.
  • Adventurous.
  • Searching.
  • Growing.
  • Inconsistent.

If your leader is a rectangle:

  • Don’t push.
  • Offer suggestions and ideas.

If you’re a squiggle, it’s likely you are:

  • Creative.
  • Intuitive.
  • Aggressive.
  • Idea oriented.
  • Expressive.

If your leader is a squiggle:

  • Keep paperwork away.
  • Walk and talk.

(After discussion, give people a chance to change their shape.)

What shape do you prefer?

How might you use a “shape exercise” with your team?

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