Playful Mischief and Lighthearted Fun is Seriously Worthwhile

Playful mischief makes life fun. That’s why I occasionally lock my wife out of the house. My recent “hat on a broom” was the best prank yet.

I’ve been known to hide on my wife.

I balanced a hat on a broom handle with the visor visible from the hall. It looked like I was waiting to scare her. She thought she had me!

She crept down the hall and swatted the visor. The broom and hat went flying. I heard the ruckus and then gales of laughter. (I was listening from the kitchen.)

Playful Mischief:

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” Dale Carnegie

Seize the opportunity to have fun while facing tough challenges.

Don’t make light of the challenge itself. But give yourself permission to enjoy people even while solving thorny problems.

Successful leaders:

  1. Enjoy people.
  2. Create environments where people enjoy each other.

Learn to do serious work in an enjoyable way.

View hospital staff dancing in an operating room before surgery. Relieving stress improves performance.

Healthy stress increases attention and creates optimal performance. Boredom lowers performance, but high stress impairs performance.

Advantages of fun:

  1. Stronger connections on the team.
  2. Robust morale.
  3. Higher pay. Lighthearted leaders earn more than their peers.
  4. Faster promotions. Happy leaders move up the ladder faster than grumpy.
  5. Longer employee retention.
  6. Better results. Fun pays.
  7. Increased innovation and creativity.

Bonus: Joyful relationships are a strong foundation for tough conversations. Laughing together makes tough conversations easier and more useful.

Do you see any smiles or hear any laughter at work? I hope so. If everyone’s brow is wrinkled, maybe it’s time for some playful mischief or good ole fashioned fun.

How might leaders promote fun at work?

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