Inside Your Customer’s Imagination: The Leadership Side


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Organizations need breakthrough products and services to effectively compete. Nailing what customers want is tough since today’s customers are more complex, with ever-changing needs and constantly climbing expectations.

Forward thinking enterprises are going inside the customer’s imagination to discover innovative offerings. Want proof?

Who came up with the Egg McMuffin, Starbucks cake pops, splash sticks, or the Frisbee?  These products and solutions didn’t come from corporate!

Wise organizations invite customers to help co-create as true partners. Nurturing a “customers as co-creation partners” culture takes leadership that exhibits five features.

Display Eccentric CURIOSITY

Co-creation leaders maintain keen attentiveness on their partners—customers and associates. They ask partners questions that yield insight (aha), not just understanding (un-huh). They work to “be the customer,” just like a youngster at bat is encouraged to “be the ball.”


Co-creation leaders maintain solid grounding and a clear target to direct inventive energy. They ensure values guide collaboration, not just rules and procedures. They unearth root opportunities, not just root causes. They backwards lead from a future state to the present moment.


Daredevil learning accelerates breakthroughs by turning tryouts into bold learning adventures. Co-creation leaders avoid the quest for perfection since it is the enemy of innovation and growth. They practice unconditional acceptance.

Pursue TRUST Through TRUTH

Co-creation partnerships thrive when all involved act as custodians of the partnership. Co-creation leaders tell the truth with complete transparency. They shape the etiquette of collaboration and facilitate authentic co-ownership by requiring only trust-worthy actions.

Exhibit Sincere PASSION

Passion fuels the co-creation partnership with actions of consideration that keep the alliance spirited. Pass-I-on is passing on the best of who you are to another. Think of passion as a “never stop courting” action verb, not a noun. It means leading with exhilaration.

How might leaders form strong and co-creative relationships with their customers?


Chip R. Bell is a renowned keynote speaker and the author of several award-winning, best-selling books.  Global Gurus in 2020 ranked him for the sixth straight year in the top three keynote speakers in the world on customer service. His newest book is Inside Your Customer’s Imagination.