Humbled by Christmas Lights

My Twitter survey indicated a minority make the right choice when choosing Christmas lights. An amazing 62% prefer white lights. I thought it tragic until yesterday.

White or colored?

Humbled by Christmas lights:

We’re minimalists when it comes to outside Christmas lights. But this year we hung a few strings of colored icicle lights. A little brightness livened up the season.

I laid the extension cord in the spouting, being careful to elevate the connection in case it rained. But the connection tragically became embedded in solid ice. It arced. My colored lights flickered and gave up the ghost.

At this point you’re thinking I’m an idiot. I can’t disagree.

Yesterday, I set up the ladder and took down our dead lights while the neighbors weren’t home. Yes, the very lights I bragged about on Twitter and Facebook. My wife threw them in the garbage.

I replaced our glorious colored lights with some white icicle lights our son gave us a few years ago.


My wife tied a bow on my humiliation when she opened the door and laughed at me while I took this picture. (We both laughed.)

Our white icicle lights.

Lessons of the lights:

#1. The Rolling Stones were right, “You can’t always get what you want.”

#2. Humility is a good thing. When it comes to leadership, maybe it’s the best thing. (To adapt a line from Shawshank Redemption.)

#3. Don’t brag about your preferences.

#4. White lights are better than no lights.

Merry Christmas to my readers who observe the holiday. And happy holidays to all.