The Most Powerful Way to Extend Influence and Expand Potential

I owe most of the relationships I enjoy to the persistence of others. I tend to look at new people like cows look at new gates, skeptically.

Connection assumes generous intention.


Healthy connection assumes generous intention.

Healthy relationship assumes you want the best for me, you, and us.

Good intention includes:

#1. Mutual advantage and disadvantage. You suffer-with and you enjoy-with.

#2. Willingness to fall on a grenade to advantage others. This doesn’t refer to wealthy higher-ups demanding lower-downs to suffer while they enjoy perks. But self-sacrifice – freely given – may be part of connection.

#3. Enjoyment of personal satisfaction and mutual advantage. Serving flows both ways when competent individuals share generous intention.

Connection extends influence and expands potential:

A few weeks ago, an online friend pointed out my poor use of language around emotion. We’ve had several interactions over the years. He seemed unexpectedly passionate. We scheduled a conversation.

Veiled generosity offends.

I receive emails from people claiming they want to ‘help’ me. Occasionally, I ask for specifics. How does this help me, exactly? The truth is they want me to help them. I’d be more inclined to help if they were less deceptive.

My friend’s email wasn’t offensive. I’m convinced he has generous intention.


  1. Connection opens channels of influence.
  2. Generous intention lowers resistance.
  3. Results flow through relationships.

I met with my online friend. We talked about feelings.

I had written something about people ‘making’ you feel strong. He wanted me to know that we are responsible for our feelings, not others.

Generous intention extends influence and expands potential.

How might you express generous intention to someone on your team today?