How a Successful Woman Entrepreneur Began Without Investors or Ambition

Sometimes ambition finds us.

I talked with a woman entrepreneur who didn’t begin with a vision to become an entrepreneur.  

“I never really had an ambition to start my own business… My mom got a little bit frustrated with me because I wasn’t ambitious… In terms of having big career ambitions, I just didn’t. I came to this entrepreneurship journey in an unexpected way.

It wasn’t that I had this business idea or this business plan. It was more that doors of opportunity were opened to me, and I really began to love the work that I was doing.

The thing that you think you’re going to end up doing isn’t always the thing that you end up doing.”

Becky Robinson

A woman entrepreneur, "The thing that you think you're going to end up doing isn't always the thing that you end up doing." Image of a curious lemur.

How a successful woman entrepreneur began without ambition:

#1. Admit you’re a beginning beginner.

“I was just figuring things out. I didn’t really have any expertise that was valuable to anyone.”

  1. Perfectionism freezes us.
  2. Learn as you go, not before you go.

#2. Build real relationships.

  1. Make people feel valuable.
  2. Be curious about people.
  3. Don’t ask for anything.

#3. Clarify the value you have to offer as you discover it.

Your inner critic is a heartless jerk that holds you back.

Confront that voice in your head that says, “You can’t do it.”

#4. Look to create opportunities for others.

You create opportunities for yourself by creating opportunities for others.

If you don’t have a compelling vision or driving ambition, seize the next opportunity.

#5. Choose and fuel values for your organization.

“Vision is driven by values.”

“One of the core values I originally chose was the core value of growth. This is about growth as an organization, but it’s also about growth as individuals.”

#6. Continue in your core commitments.

What is your takeaway from a woman entrepreneur who began without investors or ambition?

Becky Robinson in her own words:

All quotes are from Becky Robinson. Find her new book, REACH, on Amazon.

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