5 Ways to Teach Your Face to Express Your Heart

Children show their feelings. Leaders learn to do the ‘right’ thing instead of the real thing.

When you hide your heart, you hide yourself.

Dare to be authentic. Express your heart on your face.

You can’t completely hide your heart.

Express your heart: When you hide your heart, you hide yourself. Image of a woman tearing through plastic.

4 reasons you don’t express your heart (Some legitimate):

  1. Trust. Perhaps they’ll use your feelings against you.
  2. Protection. You don’t want to burden people with your struggles.
  3. Focus. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how you feel. A job must get done.
  4. Social limitations. It’s not acceptable to share emotions in certain situations.

When you’re hard to read, people assume the worst. They wonder if you care. Years ago, my daughter said, “I think you like to intimidate people.”

Your think face is your stink face.

3 reasons to express your heart:

#1. Create and strengthen connection.

Connection is the foundation of influence. Deep connection requires heart.

When you hide your heart, connection is a fraud.

#2. Enhance the power of listening.

A flat face intimidates people. Empathy invites people to open their heart to you.

When you’re hard to read, people aren’t sure if they can trust you.

#3. Express who you really are.

The things in your heart reflect who you are.

When you hide yourself:

  1. You lose yourself.
  2. People pleasing controls you.
  3. Perspective is twisted.
  4. Health is damaged.
Express your heart. When you hide your heart, connection is a fraud. Image of a swan hiding its face.

5 ways to teach your face to express your heart:

  1. Reject the notion that being hard to read is a virtue. It makes people uneasy around you.
  2. Focus on the good in your heart. Show concern for people, zeal for performance, interest in development, on your face.
  3. Practice in the mirror. You’d be surprised how sad and serious you usually look.
  4. Overcome feeling like a fake. If you are a flat face, you will feel like a fake when you show your heart.
  5. Never fake what’s in your heart. Be genuine.

How might leaders teach their face to express their heart?

What concerns you about teaching your face to express your heart?

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