7 Questions to Ask Yourself That Will Change Your Life when the Seasons Change

Variety is one reason I enjoy Pennsylvania. We have four seasons.

Transitioning from one season to the next is opportunity to ask questions that change life.

Questions are beginning. Image of a cat looking at a glowing butterfly.

Questions to ask yourself that will change your life:

#1. How much does real life reflect preferred life?

Describe your life with brutal honesty.

If things are the same in the next season, how satisfied will you be?

#2. What choices/behaviors created your current life?

You navigated to this point. Own it.

Nothing good comes from blaming others or circumstances for a dissatisfying life.

#3. Where would I like to be three months from now?

Year-long goals help set direction, but don’t provide daily vitality.

Design behaviors based on 30-day goals.

#4. What behaviors will contribute to progress?

It’s easy to set goals. It even feels like you got something done, but the important work lies ahead.

Distill decisions into behaviors.

Goals are fantasies until they distill into daily behaviors.

The urgency illusion controls you until you embrace behaviors that reflect goals. The busier you feel, the more likely you are to neglect important work.

#5. What new behaviors will hasten progress?

Try something new when the seasons change. The present reflects the past when you don’t change today.

Reject behaviors that don’t move you forward.

Embrace past behaviors that improved trajectory.

#6. How could you use time to create your preferred life?

3 questions about time:

  1. What’s on your calendar that shouldn’t be?
  2. What ‘good things’ are keeping you from ‘great things’?
  3. What are you doing that someone else could/should do?

#7. Who might help you move forward?

The people you spend time with impact the trajectory of your life.

Questions are beginnings.

Ask, reflect, adapt, and explore.

Imagine this season is over and you’re proud of your progress. What did you do to get there?

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