5 Ways to Find Purpose

You’re fortunate if purpose interests you. You have opportunity to consider things beyond food and shelter.

The burden of prosperity is figuring out what to do with your life.

Finding purpose: your purpose hides in your story. Image of an open book.

5 ways to find purpose:

#1. Purpose and needs:

Finding purpose includes meeting needs, but there are so many needs in the world that it’s paralyzing.

The person without purpose is lost in a world of opportunity.

  1. What needs do you enjoy meeting?
  2. What problems do you enjoy solving?

#2. Purpose and story:

Your story reveals your purpose.

You find purpose in connection, not isolation.

  1. When you reflect on the formative experiences in your life, what comes to mind?
  2. Who changed the course of your life? How?
  3. What people do you admire? How do you aspire to be like them?

Distill the scenes of your story into single words.

Reflect on your story as if you were an observer, not a participant. What advice would you give the person in your story?

#3. Purpose and joy:

Joseph Campbell said, “Follow your bliss.”

Think of bliss as more than the pursuit of happy feelings. A good meal with great friends produces happy feelings. Riding a roller coaster makes you laugh and smile.

Think of joy as deep happiness. What makes you deeply happy?

#4. Purpose and distress:

Finding purpose includes feeling troubled about things.

You can feel troubled and be fulfilled, fighting for a cause that matters to you, for example.

  1. What problems consistently trouble you most?
  2. What needs do you feel compelled to meet?

#5. Purpose and contribution:

It’s fulfilling to contribute.

  1. How do you love contributing?
  2. What do people say when they talk about your greatest contribution?


People can lose themselves in doing. Purpose is about being before it’s about doing.

How do you love showing up?

What suggestions do you have to help someone find purpose?

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