How to Reinvent Your Leadership

Every excuse to stay the same leads to drudgery and decay.

Inaction drains vitality. Dreams without action are sedatives.

The pursuit of excellence is the path to reinvent your leadership.

The greatest obstacle between you and the pursuit of excellence is you. “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” Sir Edmund Hillary

It's not the mountain we overcome but ourselves. Image of mountain peaks in the sun.

3 reasons you don’t reinvent your leadership:

#1. The gap.

The gap between desire and fulfillment is the reason excellence is rare. The need for instant gratification is the reason you don’t have patience to reinvent your leadership.

A person who can’t tolerate the gap between desire and fulfillment grows weary with constant pursuit.

Excellence is always a dream to be chased, never a goal to be reached.

In Brave New World, the gap between desire and fulfillment is evil. The goal of evil government is providing instant gratification.

#2. Imagined obstacles.

Aspiration invites resistance. Reasons to stay the same bubble up when you imagine a new path.

Reflect on advantage when imagined disadvantages barge in.

#3. High expectations.

You don’t reinvent your leadership when high expectations paralyze. Set the bar high, but don’t fall in love with giant leaps.

The moment you stop pursuing excellence is the moment mediocrity takes over. The seductions of comfort make mediocrity enjoyable.

Reinvent your leadership because half-assed and half-done insult your worth.
Image of a person going all-in.

A simple question to reinvent your leadership:

Reinvent your leadership by asking, “What is more excellent?”

What is more excellent? Watching Netflix after dinner or reading a book?

What is more excellent? Ruminating or designing solutions?

What is more excellent? Serving yourself or doing something useful for others? I’ve never heard a eulogy that began, “He always put himself ahead of others.”

Reinvent your leadership because half-assed and half-done insult your worth.

What blocks reinvention?

What helps you reinvent?

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