Positive Thinking – 5 Affirmations for the Real World

You could tell yourself you’re pretty like Brad Pitt, but it won’t help. You can affirm that you’re the most beautiful woman in the world, but I just checked the list, and you ain’t on it.

The cliché, “You can achieve what you can conceive,” is ridiculous drivel.

Positive thinking improves life, but nonsense doesn’t work.

Leadership quote: Positive thinking improves life, but nonsense doesn't work. Image of a person making a face.

Powers of positive thinking:

Optimism is good for mental and physical health.

Positive thinking elevates resilience and life satisfaction.

A positive mindset improves learning.

A hopeful mindset lowers stress.

Negative thinking examples:

I often ask my wife, “Do you know what I like about you?” She says, “What?” I say, “Practically everything.” But one night I said, “Everything except a few things.” Where did her mind go?

Your performance review is stellar. Only one area “needs improvement.” Let the rumination begin!

You embarrassed yourself in middle school. Years later you cringe when you remember.

Babies learn negativity bias. By the time they’re one-year-old, infants give more attention to frowns than smiles.

Reject dangerous self-affirmations:

Reject phrases that stink of arrogance like, “I deserve…” You don’t always get what you deserve. Sometimes you get better. Don’t expect others to make you into the person you aspire to become.

Refuse to tell yourself lies. Telling yourself you’re a successful leader when you neglect self-improvement is lying.

5 affirmations for the real world:

  1. I earn it. The world owes me nothing.
  2. I open my ears and heart to others with curiosity.
  3. I believe I can make a difference when I bring my best self to work.
  4. I show up to serve. (Nothing is more beautiful than people who forget themselves in service to something bigger than themselves.)
  5. I make my skills relevant when I work to make things better.

How do you practice positive thinking?

Where do you frequently see negativity bias?

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