My Subscriber List is Broken

The last Leadership Freak post that went to the subscriber list was published on May 23 (At least that’s the best I can tell). I apologize for this inconvenience. There are indications that wordpress is working to resolve the issue.

Image of broken pencil.

Posts you might have missed:

The Ultimate Pursuit of Leadership: One leadership pursuit is more important than any other.

Quiet Quitting – 5 Questions that Confront Quiet Quitting: People who show up to give the minimum harm themselves and it’s not just disadvantaging their career.

7 Questions to Create Brag Time: Bragging is good when it’s invited. Leaders serve team members by providing brag time. Give it a try.

Culture Shock: The Most Important Habit of a Great Manager: This post is based on my conversation with the chief scientist at Gallup. One highlight: How to have a meaningful conversation. The answer is easier than you might think.

4 Questions that Guide Your Most Important Conversation: The most important conversation you have is the one you have with yourself. But don’t let your mind wander.

I wish you well,