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7 Things I Learned About Expressing Frustration from a State Trooper

Most leaders don’t know how to best use and effectively express frustration. Unexpressed frustration turns into more frustration. Poorly expressed frustration makes matters worse. Image from Google Maps The Story: A State Trooper pulled… Continue reading

3 Guaranteed Ways to Lower a Leader’s Frustration

If you’re like many leaders, you’re frustrated with something right now. If you aren’t frustrated, all I need to do is bring up common trigger issues. Results fell short. Unexpected problems blocked progress. Someone… Continue reading

Doing Nothing with Anger is Better Than Venting

Venting doesn’t work. Hitting a punching bag, while thinking about the person who made you angry, increases aggression.  It’s better to do nothing than vent. Catharsis doesn’t work. (Brad Bushman Ph.D.) Aggressive behavior increases… Continue reading

7 Ways to be Impatient Like a Leader

Impatient leaders are like junkies looking for a fix. The drug is results. Unhealthy impatience blows up leaders. “Slow” is the source of impatience. Delay. Repeated mistakes. Incompetence. Lack of planning. Falling short.… Continue reading

The 10 Strategies of Obnoxious Leaders

Don’t expect the people you complain about to follow you. You aren’t worthy of leadership, if you can’t pull-with people. The future is built on aspiration, not frustration. Persistent frustration makes you obnoxious. Complaining points… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Winning in No-Win Situations

Bill (Not his real name) manages several franchise locations. He finds himself in a no-win situation. Budget and personnel cuts by the mother organization make it impossible for him to fulfill his responsibilities… Continue reading