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4 Questions that Guide Your Most Important Conversation

Quality of conversations predicts quality of life. I talk to strangers even though momma said not to. You talk to dogs, babies, team members, bosses, family members, neighbors, and store clerks. Some talk… Continue reading

4 Steps to Manage a Manager Who Can’t Communicate

You want to succeed but when managers create confusion high-aspiration people pull their hair out. Managers who communicate poorly demotivate talented people. People want to go all in, but don’t want to waste… Continue reading

3 Reasons Smart Leaders Tell Stories – How You Can Too

“We’re all stories in the end.” Steven Moffat Tell your story even though every human story already happened. You are the only unique thing in your story. 3 reasons smart leaders tell stories: #1.… Continue reading

Words You Don’t Say But Should

Words you don’t say but should drain energy like leeches. When you don’t speak up, you dance with elephants. Words you don’t say but should come with hidden consequences. 7 hidden consequences of… Continue reading

Leadership Communication: 10 Reasons to Shut Your Mouth Before it’s too Late

“Being able to effectively communicate is the most important skill any leader can possess.” Richard Branson Leadership communication: 10 reasons to close your mouth. #1. You dozed off. If it doesn’t matter to… Continue reading

If Words Had Calories – Suggestions for Bloviators

Words are like ice cream. A little ice cream tastes good, but a lot of ice cream isn’t better. If words had calories, what size would you be? Would you be healthy, anemic,… Continue reading