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15 Signs You’re a Complainer and Don’t Know It

Complaining is about who you are, not the world around you. Ever notice how two people can experience the same thing and have opposite responses? One remains positive, even grateful. The other complains.… Continue reading

Whining Wednesday – Share Your Complaints!

What are your favorite complaints? Go ahead and let loose. Feel free to type ‘anonymous’ where you put your name when leaving comments. 20 common complaints: Self-centered uncaring bosses.  Weather. Politicians. Pay. Customers.… Continue reading

Choose Your Focus Because Your Eyes Control Your Tongue

Teams and organizations move in the direction of the words they use. The most important thing I can say about your tongue is it’s a rudder. 7 powers of words: Words determine direction. … Continue reading

Three Ways to Lead a Pack of Complainers

Success always encounters complainers. But some people complain like it’s an Olympic sport. #1. Practice optimistic transparency: Don’t sweep complaints under the carpet. Expose them to the light. Reject anonymous complaining. Never represent… Continue reading

How to Put an End to Complaining

I made it to 7 a.m. before complaining. This morning I decided that I wouldn’t complain all day. After some thought, I lowered my expectation to the morning. But the first thing I… Continue reading

How to be Dissatisfied Like a Leader

“Satisfaction is death.” George Bernard Shaw The only people more dissatisfied than leaders are artists, pubescent teens, and curmudgeons. “Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure.” Thomas… Continue reading