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Master Your Inner Critic

I met a leader in California who said he didn’t have a loud inner critic. I think he was smoking weed. We talk to ourselves all the time. It’s normal. Sometimes you’re harsh… Continue reading

5 Ways to Expose Your Inner Critic

Don’t ignore a loud inner critic. You talk to yourself constantly. It’s often ugly. Leaders overthink, second guess, and criticize themselves. Your worst enemy doesn’t berate you like your own inner voice. Your… Continue reading

How to Quiet a Loud Inner Critic and Stop Bossing Yourself Around

Competent people don’t like being bossed around. You bristle when an obnoxious boss tells you to do something. You might smile and take it, but you don’t leap for joy! Is the voice… Continue reading

The Most Powerful Words You Hear

People may notice your strengths, but until your inner voice agrees, you reject affirmations. Your inner voice is more powerful than external voices. Words aren’t magic, but they are rudders. Words set the… Continue reading

How to Respond to Unfair Critics without Bloodshed

Leadership includes the authority to act without asking permission. The downside of authority is unfair criticism. Action invites criticism. “Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being… Continue reading

7 Ruthless Truths About Your Inner Critic and the Realities of Self-Compassion

Self-compassion is pathetic when it affirms failure. On the other hand, your inner critic is a heartless jerk that lowers performance. 7 ruthless truths about your inner critic: #1. Your inner critic hates… Continue reading