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8 Ways to Find Freedom

Freedom ignites passion, imagination, and initiative; control destroys it.  Freedom feeds vitality; control oppresses and limits. Freedom, however, is dangerous. Freedom is essential because their expertise exceeds yours, in their area. If you… Continue reading

When Working Hard isn’t Working

It doesn’t matter how hard you work if you’re working on the wrong things. Managers, leaders, and business owners are the hardest working people I know. Working in your business is necessary but… Continue reading

Where Men Leaders are Better Than Women

Talking about gender stereotypes is dangerous. It was interesting and less dangerous to see research indicating women leaders are better than men in specific areas, statistically speaking. See: “It’s Harder for Women than… Continue reading

Buffet and Bennis on Delegating

***** Mediocre leaders can’t or won’t delegate. Delegating may be the most unglamorous part of leadership. I woke up this morning with three things on my mind, delegating an important role in the… Continue reading

How to Step Back and Succeed More

***** It’s easier for leaders to step up and in than to step down and back. Beginnings demand stepping in; enduring, exponential success calls for stepping back. Before stepping back: Before you step back,… Continue reading

Five Techniques That Make You Matter Most

The need to tell others you’re important suggests you don’t feel important. Insecure leaders build, protect, and validate themselves. They spend their days like male peacocks fluffing their tail feathers. “Look at me,… Continue reading