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When Candor Means They’re a Jerk

Experience shows candor is rare. Ignoring uncomfortable topics and dancing around difficult issues is expected.  Candor surprises. Leaders who push things under the carpet are nurse maids not leaders. Candor gone wrong: Jerks excuse… Continue reading

The End of Gossip

Image source Leadership is relational. Plans and programs shrivel compared to the relationships you create, nurture, or tolerate. Organizations are only as strong as the relationships that hold them together. Gossip weakens and… Continue reading

How to Quickly End Office Drama

Office drama – interpersonal spats, personality conflicts, pissing contests, and backstabbing – serves no useful purpose. Leaders frequently say people “problems” top the list of concerns they daily address. Drama: Elevates pettiness. Distracts… Continue reading

Whining in the Workplace

Leaders hear whining about teammates and other leaders. Reminds me of kids in the backseat. “He touched me!” “Bob spoke harshly to me.” “Mary’s clothing is too casual.” “Bill Doesn’t like me.” “Mary… Continue reading

Top Five Qualities of an Asshole

“We have a no asshole policy at Baird.” (Beth Kavelaris, Director of Culture & Integration, Robert W. Baird & Co. at the Great Place to Work Annual Conference 2013) I was impressed with… Continue reading

Seven Proven Strategies for Dealing with Liars

Leaders lie because they don’t care enough to tell the truth. It’s too much trouble convincing know-it-alls, for example, so they smile and let them believe they’re right. They say, “That sounds fine.”… Continue reading