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In Over Your Head

Leadership’s pivotal moment arrives the moment you admit you’re in over your head. Until then, you’re predictable and mundane. The weight of leadership hasn’t buckled your knees. Competence holds you up. Bain of… Continue reading

How Need to Succeed Holds Back

The up side of the need to succeed is hard work and passion. The down side of the need to succeed is it blocks lasting achievment. Needy leaders choose short-term success over medium… Continue reading

Facing the “F” Word in Leadership

I asked a world famous leader about frailty and leadership. He looked at me like I had ten heads. I felt embarrassed to have used the “F” word – frailty. Leaders who changed… Continue reading

The Bad B’s of Leadership

Bad leadership feels safe like baggy jeans and broken-in sneakers. Bad leadership has a baffling capacity to walk comfortable paths while the world changes. Bold leadership, on the other hand, feels dangerous like… Continue reading

From Tantrums to Leadership

Image source by by Piotr Siedlecki Weak, fearful leaders are like unrully two year olds. They create messes and throw tantrums. Undeveloped, incompetent leaders are “takers” who believe followers exist to serve them Weak… Continue reading

Success is Harder than Failure

This post began as an email. It’s my response to a person who shared their mixed feelings regarding unexpected success and opportunity. *** I’ve been thinking about our conversation regarding the problem of… Continue reading