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Taking Criticism Like a Pro

This question arrived from a reader: “My boss says I need to get better at taking criticism.” Confidence when criticized: Confidence is a product of knowing what to do next. Close your eyes… Continue reading

Breaking the Peek-A-Boo Cycle

Fear is behind leaders who withdraw into ivory towers. Transparency terrifies; they’re peak-a-boo leaders. Perhaps someone will see they don’t know as much as they pretend or can’t do as much as they… Continue reading

Escape from No-Man’s-Land

Transition is the no-man’s-land of “in between” where old hangs on while new is not yet. But, nothing really works. Temptation: The temptation of transition is going back. The pain that drove you… Continue reading

Aspirin for Aneurysms

***** Aspirin for aneurysms won’t help much. Poorly solved problems return and multiply when pain goes away. The good thing about pain is it motivates our search for solutions. The bad thing about… Continue reading

Tapping the Untapped Power of Power

Weak leaders struggle to gain power. Insecure leaders fear losing it. Power is good, it gets things done. Power is bad when it’s used to abuse and manipulate others for selfish ends. Essential:… Continue reading

The Secret to Adaptive Cultures

Have you noticed this hypocrisy in yourself or people in your organization? Out of one side of our mouths we say, “We love new ideas.” Out of the other we say, “We hate… Continue reading