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How the CEO of Zappos Solves Problems

Your worst problem is believing you know the problem, when you don’t. The next is solving it. Procter & Gamble set out to design new soap for cleaning floors. It’s a challenge because… Continue reading

The Surprising Path to Happiness at Work

Image source by Petr Kratochvil You enjoy work but hate the paperwork. If paperwork isn’t sapping your joy, it’s the people. Jamie Naughton, Speaker of the House for Zappos, told me she used to… Continue reading

If I started over …

Joel Garfinkle’s response to, “If I started over, knowing what I know today,” took a surprising turn. He said, I would… “Realize I can’t do it alone.” I expected Joel to explain a… Continue reading

Seeking and Seeing Breakthrough Moments

Hate surprises? Plan on staying the same. Surprises propel into the future or drive into the past. Problem is, surprise signals uncertainty. Organizations hate uncertainty. Extraordinary leaders realize surprise is a catalyst not… Continue reading

How to Get What You Want

It takes conviction, candor, and, most importantly, courage to push against the boss or the board. Managers who can’t stand up and push back are inevitably pushed around and down. Yesterday, I talked… Continue reading

6 Ways Successful Leaders Think

Only fools plan to fail. Leaders always plan to succeed. Working on plans is working to anticipate and nullify reasons for failure. But, failure happens in spite of plans. There’s more to success than… Continue reading