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How to Break Destructive Patterns

Those who can’t or won’t see patterns are doomed to repeat the past. Ignore patterns and yesterday’s decisions become tomorrow’s destiny. Patterns, not problems, will ruin your business. Dr. Henry Cloud Pattern recognition… Continue reading

Isolated Leadership: Dangers and Solutions

Isolated leaders inevitably run down, grow ineffective, and become irrelevant. Closed systems die slow deaths. Don’t wait for the energy fairy. She ain’t coming. What happens when you place a frog in water… Continue reading

Great Leaders are Great Because They …

Great leadership is more about others and less about you. Stop focusing on yourself. Great leaders are great because they: Have emotional intelligence. Reveal greatness in others. Know where they’re going and why.… Continue reading

Mastering Leadership Relationships

People look to leaders when things aren’t working. Not working: In less than three years, nearly 300 of Campbell Soup Company’s 350 global leaders had either left on their own or were asked to leave.… Continue reading

Three Surprising Secrets to Moving People

All leaders move people. Moving people begins when you understand them, not when they understand you. Daniel Pink believes the ability to move people begins with attunement. “Attunement is the ability to bring… Continue reading

One Thing All Outstanding Organizations Do

Aspiration is useless, on its own. You aspire to excellence, success, and fulfillment. Big deal. Who doesn’t? Aspiration apart from definition, method, and means is life lived by blind hope and dumb luck. Furthermore,… Continue reading