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Flipping the Switch that Develops Leaders

I asked Barry Posner, bestselling co-author of “The Leadership Challenge” if he was a leader. In a quiet, unassuming voice he said, “I’m a leader, follower, and a colleague.” I asked Barry when… Continue reading

More Gravy from The Global Leadership Summit

Quotes and concepts from speakers at The Global Leadership Summit: Craig Groeschel: If you’re not dead you’re not done. Don’t fear the new generation, believe in them because they need you. Delegating tasks… Continue reading

Just the Gravy

Highlights from day one of The Global Leadership Summit: Bill Hybels: The leaders most valuable asset isn’t time its energy and the ability to energize others. Leaders manage energy. Arrange your schedule around… Continue reading

Finding the Courage for “Wow”

“The truth is, mediocrity is natural. You don’t have to do anything to drift there. It just happens.” Michael Hyatt. 6 ways to find the courage you need to make “wow” happen: Take… Continue reading

How to Pop the Cork on Tough Conversations

If excellence was easy there’d be more of it. Excellence challenges average. The path to excellence is paved with tough conversations; not mean, tough. All great leaders achieve excellence by facing tough issues… Continue reading

Life Changing Leadership Quotes? – You Decide

Being smart enough to know you’re dumb makes learning easy. There’s a personal light bulb moment reflected in every quote that follows. Forward trajectory quotes: Any fool can start something new. It takes… Continue reading