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A Monday reminder

I was a catcher when I played Little League (LL). I knew the founder of Little League, Carl Stotz (Feb. 20, 1919 – June 4, 1992). I live in Williamsport, PA – the… Continue reading

The “V” word for leaders – Vacuum

Nature abhors a vacuum. My own leadership journey has taken me from a passive leader to an active leader. Passive leaders only have titles. They aren’t leading. Organizations do better when the person… Continue reading

Leadership vs. Management

Welcome to guest blogger Holly Caracappa Management oversees task and projects, whereas leadership influences people. So in a sense, management deals with the tangible aspects of life while leadership is more ephemeral. In the… Continue reading

Selected Comments – 06/21/2010 to 06/25/2010

Thanks for all the great comments! In order to limit the length of this digest, I’ve selected one favorite from those who left multiple comments. Even at that limitation this post far exceeds… Continue reading

The past as a platform not an anchor

Today I’m expanding one of the points from my article, “Adjusting Course.” Every course adjustment says the present isn’t satisfactory. Sadly, leaders use past short comings or failures to motivate others to change.… Continue reading

Community Update – 05/15/10

I’m in Colorado with my wife attending our son’s graduation from Colorado State University. Graduation signals an ending that includes beginnings. That’s life. That’s leadership. From my perspective, after inspiring shared vision the… Continue reading