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How to Build Teams that Follow-Up and Follow-Through

Accountability is a dirty word because it begins in the wrong place. Leaders wrongly think accountability begins with others. What do you call someone who bulldozes people into compliance? The nice word is… Continue reading

7 Ways to Fuel Energy During a Pandemic

The good ole days seem sweeter during a pandemic. In the afternoons, I put in earphones and listen to James Taylor, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, the Beatles, and others. Familiarity during disruption fuels… Continue reading

How to Build Teams that Row Together

I asked top leaders, “What three problems hinder great teamwork?” Many responses centered on alignment. Not understanding the team’s mission. Lack of a clear mission. Lack of clarity about roles and expectations. Misalignment… Continue reading

7 Ways to Find Your Highest Point of Clarity during Uncertainty

A Leadership Freak reader asked me to explain, “Go with your highest point of clarity.” Uncertainty invites anxiety, second-guessing, rethinking, and delay. Decisions always include multiple options and uncertainty. If everything is clear,… Continue reading

How to Lead Through Uncertainty with Confidence

Admiral Jim Stockdale spent eight years as a prisoner of war in the “Hanoi Hilton.” He was tortured over 20 times and walked with a limp until he passed on July 5, 2005. Jim… Continue reading

A Realistic Approach to Being Present

You waited for the other shoe to drop before COVID-19. You will wait for the shoe-drop after COVID-19. Leaders and managers exist because: Solutions are hard to find. Improvement needs relentless attention. Chaos… Continue reading