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The Secrets to Self-Leadership

I thought self-leadership was gobbledygook when I first heard the term. You live in frustration when leadership begins with others. You think you need new people; your team is lousy, but leadership begins… Continue reading

10 Dynamic Job Interview Questions

Job interviews are like trying to predict rain a year from now. You have five tools to predict future performance: education, work history, personal references, personality assessments, and drill-down job interview questions. Job… Continue reading

3 Surprising Truths about Big Goals

Jim Collins explains the acronym BHAG – big harry audacious goal – in Built to Last. Big goals and weekend jeans have nothing in common. We say stupid things because everyone else says… Continue reading

4 Surprises All Leaders Face

Success gives the illusion of competence, but you don’t understand what you haven’t done. New leaders don’t understand leading like new parents don’t understand teenagers. 4 surprises all leaders face: Surprise #1: Weight… Continue reading

Well-Being is a Team Sport™: How to Lead a Winning Team

New Book Giveaway! Leave a comment on this guest post by Dr. Richard Safeer, Chief Medical Director of Employee Health and Well-Being at Johns Hopkins Medicine, to become eligible to win a complimentary… Continue reading

How to Ask Questions That Wake-Up People

Life changes after you change the way you think. Questions explode assumptions. You resist statements. But curiosity penetrates defiance. Stupid questions: Stupid questions invite dimwit answers. “Why did you hit your sister?” anticipates… Continue reading