Breaking the Glum-Leader Syndrome

I’ve met some unhappy leaders. Perhaps they love position, power, prestige, or the paycheck. But, they drain energy from people and teams.

Unhappy leaders lead unhappy teams.

Do something else if leading makes you miserable. It’s not worth it.

unhappy leaders lead unhappy teams.png

12 Ways to Break the Glum-Leader Syndrome:

  1. Express, don’t suppress, enjoyment. It’s OK to be a happy leader. People will still respect you in the morning.
  2. Trust the talent of others. Leaders who believe they do everything better than others are confused, unhappy, self-important nincompoops.
  3. Lead for reasons beyond results. Connect with your inner drive to make the world a better place. Accentuate your impact on people.
  4. Receive help. I asked a room full of leaders if they enjoyed receiving help. The only person who raised their hand was the top leader of the group. If you want to enjoy the journey, let people help you along the way. Arrogance is the first step to emptiness, ungratefulness, and misery.
  5. Get real. Maintaining a false image diverts energy from creativity and joy.
  6. Connect. Isolation is discouraging. Focus as much on relationships as you do on results.
  7. Enjoy the joys of others. Stop looking down on the “little” people.
  8. Think small. Changing the world overwhelms. Change the world by improving the environment where you are.
  9. Don’t pursue happiness; do things that matter. The pursuit of happiness is chasing the wind.
  10. Enjoy imperfect progress. You always fall short when you reach high.
  11. Live by your values. Don’t define yourself by others.
  12. Build a talented inner circle with foundations of drive, compassion, respect, and honesty.

Bonus: Hang with happy people.

Find happiness in leading. Happiness is energy.

What makes leaders live in unhappiness?

How might leaders find happiness in leading?