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How Any Leader Can Kickstart and Land A Powerful Conversation

You look for an escape when blabbing leaders arrive. But a leader skilled at powerful conversations is a thing of beauty. 10 questions to kickstart powerful conversations: What would make this conversation a… Continue reading

How to Capture the Opportunity in Awkward Silence

The need for quick answers is the path to shallow solutions. The best thing to hear after asking penetrating questions is silence, especially your own. Courageous leaders dare to ask awkward questions. More… Continue reading

How to Move from Adversarial to Influential with Curiosity

What happens when you bring a new idea to higher ups? You hear reasons why it won’t work. People often defend the status quo, even though the present is dissatisfying. Objections: Objections express… Continue reading

A Single Transformational Question

One of the great gifts you give team members is opportunity to reflect on their journey. “Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.” Peter… Continue reading

Peter Drucker: The Truly Dangerous Thing

“The truly dangerous thing is asking the wrong questions.” Peter Drucker Wrong questions when promoting from within: When you need a supervisor for a team of engineers, the question isn’t, “Is this potential… Continue reading

Tippy-Toe Leaders and Other Dysfunctional Problem-Solvers

We might be able to fake leadership in breezy weather, but dark seas are bright lights. The way you deal with problems is more important than the problems themselves. 3 dysfunctional problem-solvers: #1. Tippy-toe leaders.… Continue reading