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Solution Saturday: Help! My Leader is a Morale Buster!

Dear Dan, We have a new principal who is a morale buster to say the least, but teachers have also described her as “bully”, sneaky, liar, plays favorites, doesn’t listen, doesn’t care, condescending,… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: High Performers Lumped in with Low Performers

Hi Dan, I’m trying to make the argument that it is bad to admonish a team for performance issues exhibited by a subset of the team.  This was a recent situation at my… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: I’ve been Promoted

Dear Dan, I am a new supervisor. I would appreciate any information from a new supervisor’s point of view. One challenge is trying to continue to be a top performer/go-to person in a… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Dealing with Someone who Second Guesses Everything I do

Dear Dan, Over a year ago I took a new position. We have been enjoying great success with record results. Recently the person I replaced took a job that I have to work… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: I’m a Boomerang

Dear Dan, I am returning to the same leadership position at a company I previously left a few years ago. This means I’ll be going back to the same employees who may be… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: How to Prevent Cynicism

Hi Dan, My organization is going through a very large merger with a lot of unknowns in there. Do you have advice on preventing employee cynicism? I would love to hear your thoughts… Continue reading