4 Ways to Be a Great Leader Today

The abilities to cast vision, communicate, and motivate don’t make you a great leader. Hitler did all those things and more.

Great leadership isn’t about sitting in first class, entering through a private entrance, or a corner office.

Intelligence, position, good looks, or a big bank account aren’t essential for greatness.

A successful leader and a great leader are often different things.

A successful leader and a great leader are different things. Image of the reflection of the sky in a lake.

Great leadership is:

A great leader serves with an open hand and generous heart.

Greatness is pursued indirectly. It’s a result, not an end.

4 ways to be a great leader today:

#1. Quiet your ego.

If you don’t have an ego problem, you don’t see your arrogance.

Relax! You aren’t better than others. You don’t control the world. The universe won’t flinch when you’re gone.

The foundation of great leadership is humility.

The foundation of great leadership is humility is humility. Image of a cabin on a rock in the middle of a river.

#2. Embrace learning.

Compared to all the things that could be known, you’re a moron.

“Those who think they know, don’t.” Edward de Bono

Learning and relearning are more important than the things you know.

#3. Lift others.

Arrogance puts people down. Greatness lifts people.

How do people feel about themselves after spending time with you?

#4. Stand for something that matters.

Being great requires unbending commitment and unquenchable tenacity.

5 threats to your greatness:

  1. Seeking approval.
  2. Needing appreciation.
  3. Comparing yourself to others.
  4. Making self-care an end in itself. Take care of yourself so you can take care of others.
  5. Trying to outshine others. Bring your best without needing the spotlight.

Forget about great leadership if your main goal is to get and keep as much money and power as possible.

Great leadership is about the people you serve, not the people who serve you.

How might you serve with an open hand and heart today?

Still curious:

Humble Leadership, Edgar and Peter Schein

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