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3 Ways to Live long and Prosper this Week

The Vulcan salute, “Live long and prosper,” was introduced on the season two premiere of Star Trek, 1967. If you’re not a Trekkie click here to catch up. Spock explained the hand gesture… Continue reading

The Heart of Time Management

Everything feels urgent to a person without priorities. You master life when you master time management. When everything is a priority, you run around with your hair on fire. The heart of time… Continue reading

3 Surprising Secrets to Self-Management

Time pressure is more pervasive than Covid. Your schedule reflects your life. The person who can’t manage time can’t manage life. When you hate your schedule, you hate life. Time management is self-management.… Continue reading

Time Management: 7 Golden Rules for Golden Hours

We need reminders that everything we hope to do requires time and energy. Time management is the power to manage your schedule and your energy. You have two or three golden hours every… Continue reading

Successful Time Management isn’t about Getting More Done

You can find lost keys, but a wasted hour is gone forever. You complain that you don’t have enough time. But if you can’t manage time, it doesn’t matter how much you have.… Continue reading

Multitasking Makes you Stupid: Single-Tasking is Smarter

You can’t move forward when you’re running in circles. You can’t efficiently do two complex tasks at the same time. We’re addicted to constant distraction and repeated interruption. You feel insecure if your… Continue reading