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Getting the most from twitter

Leveraging social media extends and enhances your influence, opportunities, and leadership potential. twitter: I hate saying, “twitter.” It sounds like something a person high on cocaine does at night in the backyard just… Continue reading

How to Go Over the Boss?

Playing politics creates mediocre organizations filled with butt kissers and game players more interested in advancing their own career’s than in advancing their organization. I’ve seen the ants scurrying to tell the boss… Continue reading

A Sliver of Light

Things that don’t make sense have more potential than things that do. Things that make sense confirm, stabilize, or enhance things you already know. Things that don’t make sense are slivers of light… Continue reading

Trusting you makes them happy

The number one reason employees are happy is they trust their leaders (Lamb & McKee). ***** Surprisingly, less than half of employees have trust and confidence in their senior managers (Baldoni, Lead Your… Continue reading