How to Create Problem Solving Organizations

Leaders who aren’t solving problems are irrelevant. All leaders always solve problems. Urgent problems are easier to solve because they are urgent.

While facing urgent or future problems leaders remain solution oriented. The bigger, more numerous and pressing the problems the more value leaders bring.

Leaders never solve problems alone; organizations do.

Confidence is an organizations most powerful problem solving tool.

Effective leaders always build the self-confidence of others. Jack Welch said, “Giving people self-confidence is by far the most important thing that I can do. Because then they will act.”


You lower the self-confidence of others by over-correcting, micro-managing, ambiguity, and favoritism.


You raise the confidence of others by preparing, trusting, and praising.

Leadership development is the easier side of confidence building. Furthermore, preparing can be experienced incrementally.

Trusting is about the competence of others. Trusting, additionally, is about you and may be the hardest part of confidence building. Learn to trust people by developing them and by trusting them. In the end, leaders learn to trust by trusting.

Praise is the easiest side of confidence building. It is, however, something leaders tend to dispense sparingly. Effective praise focuses on character, effort, skills, and results.

One reason you can’t praise others more is you haven’t developed them enough.

How do you develop the confidence of others?

How do leaders lower the confidence of others?


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