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How to Avoid Irrelevance, Guaranteed!

You may be the world’s best pickle packer. But, if the world doesn’t value perfectly packed pickles, you are tragically irrelevant. Value: Customers determine value, not you. Spend as much time understanding the… Continue reading

Finding Sanity in an Insanely Busy World

Low impact leaders live frantic, unfocused lives. At the end of the day, they wonder what they accomplished. Busyness isn’t effectiveness. The more frantic you are the less powerful your impact. Three C’s for… Continue reading

Servant not Slave

*** Leaders serve. They aren’t slaves. Slaves are owned, oppressed, and abused. Servant leadership has nothing to do with slavery. Servant leadership: Servant leaders make life better for others. Influence is portional to… Continue reading

Five Ways to Confront Bullies

Gary and Ruth Namie in, The Bully at Work, say that 95% of the workforce has seen bullying at work at least once. Bullying in the office includes, intimidation, withholding information or resources… Continue reading

Describing Essential Behaviors

You can’t pursue what you can’t describe. If it can be achieved, it can be seen. If it can be seen, it can be described. If can be described, it can be measured.… Continue reading

20 Ways to Give Negative Feedback

Growth always hurts. But, stagnation is death. Growth requires feedback. Successful leaders are great at giving feedback. Good intentions don’t compensate for poor execution when it comes to negative feedback. Done well, negative… Continue reading