Finding Sanity in an Insanely Busy World

low impact leaders

Low impact leaders live frantic, unfocused lives. At the end of the day, they wonder what they accomplished. Busyness isn’t effectiveness.

The more frantic you are the less powerful your impact.

Three C’s for finding sanity:

Clarity. Confused people are frantic. Determine what your life is about and focus on that. Everything else is bullshit.

We all do stuff that matters less. Keep moving toward what matters more. But, if you don’t know what matters most, you can’t move toward what matters more.

  1. What matters most exists in the distant future. Live in the moment with an eye on the future.
  2. Vision always centers on people, not projects, products, or programs.
  3. Clarity requires simplicity. Describe your hopes and dreams in one coherent, actionable sentence.

Courage. Fearful people are frantic. They can’t say no to “good” stuff so they can pursue “great” stuff. Courage requires clarity.

Saying no, so you can say yes to something better, is a process.

Consistency. Focus is nothing without consistency. Consistently focus on what matters. We had a dog who loved chasing mice. I’d turn a board over and he’d dive in. He couldn’t focus on one so he seldom got any.

It’s not always about doing less.
It’s about doing more of what matters.

I cringe when leaders say, “I need to do less.” It may be true. But, it’s more likely they don’t have clarity of purpose, courage for no, and consistency of focus.

Living by priorities begins with determining:

  1. Values. What matters to you?
  2. Strengths. What activities give you energy? Do the Strengths Finders assessment.
  3. Vision. Where do you want to apply your strengths to achieve fulfilling results.

Leaders who wonder what they got done, didn’t engage in meaningful activities. You remember what matters.

Bonus material:

Everything you need to know about getting a grip on time is contained in three words.

How are you doing more that matters?