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I’m Not Sure I’m Up to the Task

Comfortable jobs equal drifting employees. Everyone in your organization needs to feel stretched in some area. Successful leaders help others step into uncomfortable – stretching – challenges and opportunities. Eventually, you’ll hear, “I’m… Continue reading

Getting Crazy

Image source Run to crazy people. Avoid comfortable people. Teammates, who think like you, are irrelevant. They take up space and suck oxygen. Reserve chairs and air for crazies. Invite in those who… Continue reading

33 Ways to Tell if You’re a Jackass

You’re a jackass if: People who think you’re a jackass are always wrong. Holding back negatives makes you a nice person. Having the last word is normal for you. Making others squirm keeps… Continue reading

Facing the “F” Word in Leadership

I asked a world famous leader about frailty and leadership. He looked at me like I had ten heads. I felt embarrassed to have used the “F” word – frailty. Leaders who changed… Continue reading

Believing You Can When You Can’t

Some singers only think they can sing. Tell them they can’t and you have a hearing problem. Believing you can when you can’t frustrates others and hinders you. Some leaders only believe they… Continue reading

The Two Types of People in the World

There are two types of people in the world, dreamers and doers. Lazy dreamers are useless. Avoid them. The way to matter is doing what matters. Dreamless doers are anchors. Reject them. The… Continue reading