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A Persistent Feeling of Frailty

November 20th is the one year anniversary of my collision with a tree that nearly killed me. I think of life as BA and AA, Before Accident and After Accident. The tree won,… Continue reading

How to Have Life Changing Conversations

Your job is bringing out the best in others by the way you interact with them. Well timed, well executed conversation change people’s lives. First: Determine and affirm aspirations and goals. Never have conversations… Continue reading

The Secrets of Imperfection

You might think it’s awkward but I asked anyway. “What makes me think you can be a leader?” The person I asked is in their early 20’s with many leadership accomplishments. Maybe it… Continue reading

The Surprising Side of Gaining Influence.

You can’t lead people you don’t know. Knowing others means understanding and appreciating not judging. Humility: Knowing others is first about you then about others. Humility accepts. Arrogance judges and rejects. Difference frustrates… Continue reading

How Passion for Good Creates Bad

“There are two things people want more than sex and money- recognition and praise.” Mary Kay Ash, founder, Mary Kay Inc. Money matters but money without respect is dissatisfying. Always affirm worth even… Continue reading

The Stupidity and Strength of Youth

Young leaders focus on themselves too much. They mistakenly believe success depends on them rather than others. They think about their own potential and neglect the potential of others. Small dreams are reached… Continue reading