The One and Only Reason to Help

Competent people are insulted when you try to help them do their job. They think, “You don’t trust me.” Managers must know when to step in or stay out. Help too quickly and… Continue reading

Five Techniques That Make You Matter Most

The need to tell others you’re important suggests you don’t feel important. Insecure leaders build, protect, and validate themselves. They spend their days like male peacocks fluffing their tail feathers. “Look at me,… Continue reading

The Question A.G.Lafley Didn’t Answer

Unspoken words say more than spoken. I asked A.G. Lafley, former CEO of Procter and Gamble, a question he only partially answered. He began with “if” statements but never finished. Here’s how it… Continue reading

Defending New Ideas Without being Defensive

All leaders explore, introduce, and defend new ideas. Defending an idea often creates adversarial conversations. You offer points that support your idea and others evaluate, adopt or reject. You’ve surrendered your power from… Continue reading

8 Ways to Overcome Fear and Find Courage

Gutless leaders aren’t leaders. Separated from courage the other components of leadership like decision making, problem solving, and vision casting are meaningless drivel. Cowardly Leaders: Close their ears to criticism. Attack critics. Use… Continue reading

One Useful Strategy for Becoming More Useful

Peter Drucker encouraged leaders to ask, “How do we make ourselves useful?” Daniel Pink’s research indicates three drives motivate us. Autonomy: the desire to be self-directed. Mastery: the urge to get better at… Continue reading