How to Connect with the C-Suite

CEOs and others in the C-Suite make or break careers. This article begins a short series designed to help you connect with C-Level leaders. Danger: The further away from the C-Suite you are… Continue reading

Help! My Boss is an Insecure Jerk

***** If you haven’t worked for an insecure jerk, you will. Insecure jerks corrupt corporate culture and hamstring employees. They think first of personal agendas, divert focus, and instigate drama. Change: Don’t expect… Continue reading

Learning from Joe Paterno’s Leadership Failure

Image source: John McDonnell / Washington Post Coach Joe Paterno was laid to rest this week. He’s clearly loved. 10,000 tickets were reserved for his memorial service in seven minutes. His accomplishments on behalf… Continue reading

15 Tips for Overcoming Insecurity

Living with others in mind is healthy, noble, and useful except when insecurity drives you. Insecure leaders: Defend when they should explore. Take things personally. Blame higher ups for tough decisions. Don’t trust… Continue reading

Creating a Mistake-making Policy

***** Integrity isn’t perfection, its better. During a hospital stay a nurse turned off and neglected to turn on my pneumatic leg pumps. (Devices designed to help prevent blood clots in the legs… Continue reading

Useful Leadership Quotes? – You Decide

***** Today’s world appreciates brevity. Useful leadership quotes inspire, distill, or direct, quickly. Will you bring your perspective and insights to this set of leadership quotes? Grab one or more and expand, correct, or… Continue reading