10 Things that Make Dumb Leaders Smart Today

One of the best things to discover is your own lack of brilliance.


Brain function goes down when you’re:

  1. Stressed out. If stress makes you dumb, some leaders must be dim-wits. 
  2. Fatigued or in need of sleep. Light from computer screens may interrupt sleep patterns. (Science Daily)
  3. Multitasking.

10 things that make dumb leaders smart:

#1. Take a shower. Cleanliness might not be next to godliness, but it’s smart. According to “Wired to Create” 72% of us get creative ideas in the shower. Maybe you need a whiteboard in the shower to capture your great ideas.

#2. Put your feet up for five minutes and breathe deeply. If you can’t get all the way to five minutes, try three.

#3. Take a walk around the block.  Put a ‘think time’ appointment on your calendar. Get out of the office and stroll around the block with a notepad in hand. (Stop walking when you record an idea.) 

#4. Use a pen and paper. Writing is thinking. Typing is good. Writing is better. (Use this for #3.)

#5. Socialize. Play.

#6. Lighten up. Being serious all the time cuts the blood flow to your brain.

#7. Drink coffee. (Harvard Health Publications)

#8. Listen to classical music. When I was in high school, I was told that classical music made you smarter. Maybe they wanted us to listen to classical music.

#9. Be a little less certain. Think, “I could be wrong.” or “What if they’re right?” An open mind has greater opportunity to learn.

#10. Explore new ideas before defending old. Ask, “What did you mean?” before saying what you think.  I notice in team meetings that people are quick to explain why ideas won’t work, even though they haven’t thought about how they might work.

What makes leaders dumb?

What makes leaders smarter?