How to Show Compassion and Get Results

Done poorly, compassion prolongs weakness, propagates irresponsibility, and validates destructive behaviors. Compassion, like all great virtues, requires insight to be practiced skillfully. People first: Compassion is a ‘people first’ approach to leadership. It’s… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: A Simple Strategy to Take Control of Your Future

Dear Dan, There are few things which look nice in theory but not in the real world, for example, “If you can’t say what you think, you can’t become who you were meant… Continue reading

The People Who Lead the Best Try the Least

Leaders work too hard at the skills of leadership and not hard enough at becoming themselves.   Genuine leadership: Real leaders change us effortlessly. Who they are influences us more than what they… Continue reading

The Real Truth About Encouragement

The wrong approach to empathy and encouragement validates poor performance, frustrates leaders, and hinders teams. Encouragement is better than empathy. Responsible failure calls for empathy and encouragement. Empathy feels good, but encouragement nudges… Continue reading

How You Learn is How You Lead: 9 Questions that Expand Leadership

  New Book Giveaway!! 20 free copies of How you Learn is How You Live. Leave a comment on this guest post by Kay Peterson to become eligible to win one of TWENTY complimentary… Continue reading

A Look Under the Hood of What Drives Great Doers

Everyone has an idea of how to achieve success. Doers think it’s about getting things done. Dreamers think it’s about dreaming big dreams. Both are wrong. Achievable: The better you are at getting… Continue reading