Permission to Be Engaged

I had a conversation with an introverted manager who was offered a challenging leadership role. It made his knees buckle, but he took it. During our call, he complained about his inability to… Continue reading

Seek Openness – Not Transparency

New Book giveaway!! 20 complimentary copies available. Leave a comment on this guest post by Edgar and Peter A. Schein to become eligible to win one of TWENTY complimentary copies of  “Humble Leadership: The… Continue reading

The Badass Award and Other Ways to Make Hard Work Enjoyable

Hard work is more rewarding than easy work, but no one can give 100% effort 100% of the time. How to make hard work enjoyable: #1. Notice the extra mile. Hard work has… Continue reading

7 Ways to Give Advice that Helps

Telling people what to do is giving direction, but advice-giving is a conversation. Wise advice changes lives. 7 ways to give advice that helps: #1. Know your own struggles. Authentic advice comes from… Continue reading

5 Blind-spots that Sink Your Boat Pt. 2

A leader with blind-spots will one day realize that he/she is the reason for the holes in the boat. Everyone spends too much time bailing water when leaders have blind-spots. Work is harder,… Continue reading

5 Blind-Spots That Sink Your Boat

Blind-spots are like rowing a boat that’s full of holes, but you can’t find the holes. If you don’t see the holes in the boat, you’ll sink and wonder why. You’ll bail to… Continue reading