The Dark Secrets of Patience

Speaking softly while red-faced with anger isn’t patience. Self-control proves you aren’t a two-year old. You can’t be patient and upset at the same time. Impatience is frustrated with delay and annoyed with… Continue reading

How to Reject Stupid Feedback

The director of the Antwerp Academy of Art called Vincent Van Gogh’s work, “Putrefaction,” and sent him back to the beginning class. Van Gogh, contrary to myth, sold more than one painting in… Continue reading

Imitation is Not a 4-Letter Word – Choose your Models Carefully

It’s blindness to think you aren’t an imitator. Luke Burgis changed the way I understand myself. Let’s begin with wanting. “Humans learn – through imitation – to want the same things other people… Continue reading

How Leaders Become Real – Lessons from Pinocchio

Pinocchio was a block of wood until Geppetto shaped him into a marionette that eventually become a real boy. Pinocchio was alive but he wasn’t real. Becoming real: #1. Guides. You never become… Continue reading

How to Use the Power of Suggestion Like a Leader

Thank goodness they didn’t make us read the potential side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine when we arrived for our second shot. I shouldn’t have read the two page ‘death manual’ when we… Continue reading

A Leader Without Priorities is a Chipmunk on Steroids

A chipmunk on steroids is always hungry. He drops the nut in his paws to grab the imploring nut that just plunked beside him. Trivialities mesmerize in organizations that lack priorities. 5 truths… Continue reading