7 Ways to Thrive when your Company is Acquired

Mergers and acquisitions have winners and losers. You’re the winner if you’re on the acquiring side. You’re the loser if you’re being acquired. Disingenuous winners tell people that things won’t change. This is… Continue reading

The Four Powers of Courageous Leaders

The courage of leadership is seldom seen and never understood by those who choose safety over adventure. Real courage is a decision made without fanfare. Courageous leadership is the power to: #1. Live… Continue reading

Make Friends with Your Past – It can’t be Left Behind

The idea of leaving the past behind is an offense to who you are. And the hope of recreating the past is an offense to who you might become. Penobscot Bay, Maine Nostalgia:… Continue reading

How to Build an Organization Where People Take Care of Each Other

You might believe that taking care of each other is weak or silly. But think of the alternative. Care is nurtured. An uncaring team is a symptom of neglect. 5 expressions of care… Continue reading

How to Resolve the Negative Realities of Positive Thinking

“The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised.” George Will Optimism is dangerous when it causes you to: Lose motivation. When you… Continue reading

The 3 Expressions of Freedom at Work

Freedom at work isn’t earned, it’s unearned. Give people freedom to do the things you hired them to do. Treat people like the competent responsible individuals you hired – unless they prove otherwise.… Continue reading