7 Ways to Deal with the Lies Leaders Tell Themselves

When you screw up, someone didn’t follow through. When others screw up, they procrastinated. It’s not if, but how you lie to yourself. You fail because of circumstances. Others fail because of character.*… Continue reading

You’ll Never Be Great and Ungrateful at the Same Time

Unexpressed gratitude is ungratefulness to those around you. An unexpected gratitude list for leaders: Celebrate the circumstances you’re tempted to complain about. Challenges teach you more than ease. Character directly connects to the… Continue reading

5 Ways to be Thankful Like a Leader

When people think of you, are their hearts filled with gratitude? If they are, it’s because you poured value into their lives.   Image source 7 principles of generosity, gratitude, and influence: The… Continue reading

5 Ways to Find Gratitude Even While Facing Dissatisfaction

Successful leaders see the dark and the bright. Lousy leaders only see the dark. Teams shrivel under the bitterness of ungrateful leadership. Image source 7 sources of ungratefulness in leadership: Dissatisfaction. The trouble is, I’ve… Continue reading

How Any Leader Can Kickstart and Land A Powerful Conversation

You look for an escape when blabbing leaders arrive. But a leader skilled at powerful conversations is a thing of beauty. 10 questions to kickstart powerful conversations: What would make this conversation a… Continue reading

5 Reasons to Ignore Cold Feet and Press Forward

Playing safe feels wiser than stepping out, unless the house is on fire. You get cold feet when the path ahead matters. Delay feels good when it’s time to put skin in the game.… Continue reading