Tough talk

The truth can be unsettling and disturbing. According to John Spence one of the four biggest leadership challenge executives face is talking about tough issues. Why don’t leaders talk about tough issues #1.… Continue reading

You want something new but you’re afraid

Yesterday I had a conversation with a person who longs for something more than what they are currently doing. They feel trapped. Current responsibilities wall them in. They fear taking a leap into… Continue reading

Interpreting eye movements

At the gym a counselor explained what eye movements mean. He said things like, “looking up and to the left means the listener/speaker is trying to visualize something and looking up and to… Continue reading

Winners of “Awesomely Simple”

Thanks to John Spence for participating in the Leadership Freak conversation on Aug. 11. I appreciate that he freely shared his insights and time with the LF community. Thanks to everyone who shared… Continue reading

Dealing with disagreements

All leaders encounter disagreements. Additionally, some situations require leaders to create disagreements and in others they work to solve them. Leaders not only encounter disagreements, they land in the center of some. Additionally,… Continue reading

What not how

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” Peter F. Drucker “Doing the right things,” means leaders determine, clarify, and communicate what is done. The other day I had a… Continue reading