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What to Do When You Disagree with Leadership

At some point you will disagree with leadership.

Disagreement shapes life.

How to disagree with leadership…

Conflict: 5 Responses to Any Issue

Where people interact, conflict occurs. “Researchers found that on average, parents have 2,184 arguments with their kids every year. Each day, in fact, they spend about 49 minutes fighting.” Yahoo Average employees spend… Continue reading

5 Steps to Solve People Problems

People problems spread when they’re ignored. 5 steps to solve people problems: #1. Solve the right problem. You think you understand the issue, but if you’re wrong, you end up creating more people… Continue reading

How to Bring Up Thorny Issues

Normal people choose pleasure over pain. It’s normal to avoid thorny issues. How to bring up thorny issues: 5 reasons people avoid thorny issues: The burden of feeling right creates stress to convince… Continue reading

You Might Not Like it but There are 5 Good Things About Conflict

Managers spend between 40% and 90% of their time dealing with conflict. With that in mind, it makes sense to get the most out of such a time consuming activity. Leadership Freak readers… Continue reading

How to Solve Problems Quickly – But 69% of Relationship Problems are Unsolvable

Some problems should be managed, not solved. Broken computers can be fixed but many relationship ‘problems’ are unsolvable. “Dr. John Gottman’s research proves that 69% of problems in a relationship are unsolvable.” 6… Continue reading