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Leaders Aren’t Momma

Mom always hated it when the boys fought. There were three of us, until the last two came along, much later. I was the oldest. Sometimes we hated each other. Tensions erupted when… Continue reading

The Key to Healthy Conflict

A Facebook follower says, “I’d love to see a Leadership Freak blog post that addresses what healthy conflict looks like.” Organizations pivot on conflict. Conflict strengthens or weakens relationships and organizations. All healthy conflict has… Continue reading

How to Quickly End Office Drama

Office drama – interpersonal spats, personality conflicts, pissing contests, and backstabbing – serves no useful purpose. Leaders frequently say people “problems” top the list of concerns they daily address. Drama: Elevates pettiness. Distracts… Continue reading

10 Steps to Solve Tension Between Team Mates

I tend to hold back too long, when team mates have tension. Let them work it out. Perhaps you intervene quickly. If we aren’t careful, we become the problem. Tension and diversity: Tension… Continue reading

Why Teams Fight and What to Do About It

Image source Nothing is more frustrating, from a leadership point of view, than a group of individuals circling each other like vultures. In-fighting wastes time, energy, and resources. Incompetent leaders have teams who… Continue reading

Succeeding in Emotionally Charged Situations

The only progress you can make in emotionally charged situations is dealing with emotions. Image source Warning: Emotionally charged people may want you to fix things. If you’re able to change frustrating processes or procedures, do… Continue reading