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10 Tactics that Produce Brilliant Solutions

Courageous leaders do more than listen to constructive dissent, they encourage it. Conflict, not comfortable collaboration, produces brilliance. Encouraging constructive dissent: Don’t answer first. Tell people you expect hard truths and practical answer.… Continue reading

10 Decision-Making Power Tips from Dave Ramsey

I’m convinced that indecision along with poor decision-making is the reason organizations and individuals languish and fail. I was Dave Ramsey’s guest at a one day EntreLeadership Seminar in Nashville, Tennessee when I… Continue reading

Microsoft’s CSO on Decision Making

Mike Howard, Chief Security Officer at Microsoft, told me one of his best decisions was becoming a police officer.  I listened carefully for his explanation because Mike spent 23 dynamic years with the… Continue reading

A Surprising Secret of Forward Movement

Problem solving, opportunities and forward movement are about options. Life feels good when it presents options. We feel trapped, on the other hand, without options. Options liberate but not always. The down side… Continue reading

Being Negative Creates Positive Value

Image source The depth of the problem determines the value of the solution. Your great ideas always face frivolous dismissal if they don’t solve a painful problem or a felt need. Don’t begin… Continue reading

A What Without a How

A “what” without a “how” is like a car without gas. My “what” statement: What I’m doing in life is adding value to others in ways consistent with who I am and that… Continue reading